Project | The LSC Reference corpus

Institut d'Estudis Catalans | 2019-present

Interpreter for glossing revision

The project started in 2012 and consists of preparing a corpus of Catalan Sign Language, in addition to linguistic materials in LSC. It will be the first database of the LSC. The corpus aims to document the status of the LSC with recordings of signers of different ages and genres. This corpus will be a reference and research tool for linguists, language professionals and users.

Project | Creation of teaching materials in LSC

Pompeu Fabra University and CREDA | 2019-2020


The project consists of creating teaching materials in LSC from different fields. These materials are video recordings of social and natural sciences, among other topics, with lessons and activities.

Project | Sign-Hub


Researcher and subtitler

Sign-Hub is a project funded by the European Commission within the framework of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program with a duration of 4 years. The project aims to offer an answer to the social and scientific problem derived from the general neglect of the cultural and linguistic identity of the signing communities in Europe.

A multi-resource platform is being created for the linguistic, historical and cultural documentation of the heritage of deaf and signing communities. I participated in the writing of two chapters of the LSC Grammar. Also, I participated in the subtitling of the documentary "We were there, we are here" on the context of the deaf community in the Civil War, the Post-war and the Second World War.



Villaécija, A. (2020) Compounding. Dins J. Quer i G. Barberà (ed.). A Grammar of Catalan Sign Language (LSC). Avaliable in


Villaécija, A. (2020) Non-native lexicon. In J. Quer i G. Barberà (ed.). A Grammar of Catalan Sign Language (LSC). Avaliable in

Villaécija, A. (2019) Word formation in specialized domains: Towards a term typology in Catalan Sign Language (MA Thesis). Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona.

Villaécija, A. (2018) La comunitat sorda i la llengua de signes: Proposta de diccionari terminològic (BA Thesis). Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona.

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